Vila Nova Sintra, Cape Verde

Offset: -01 is 1 hour behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and is used in Atlantic

Countries: It is used in following countries: Cape Verde, Greenland, Portugal

Principal Cities: The largest city in the -01 timezone is Praia from Cape Verde with population about 113364 people. Other major cities in the area are Mindelo, Ponta Delgada, Santa Maria, Cova Figueira

Daylight Saving: This is a standard timezone, however during summer some places adjust time for one hour forward for daylight saving and observe (+00).

End: -01 ended and clocks were set one hour forward on Sunday, March 29, 2020, at 0:00 (0:00 am) local time.

Start: -01 starts and clocks are set one hour back on Sunday, October 25, 2020, at 1:00 (1:00 am) local time.

Vila Nova Sintra, Cape Verde representations, usage and related time zones

W3C/ISO-8601: International standard covering representation and exchange of dates and time-related data
  • -01 - basic short
  • -0100 - basic
  • -01:00 - extended

Email/RFC-2822: Internet Message Format Date Standard, typically used for timestamps in email headers
  • -0100 - sign character (-) followed by a four digit time providing hours (01) and minutes (00) of the offset. Indicates one hour and zero minutes time differences to the west of the zero meridian.

Military/NATO: Used by the U.S. military, Chinese military and others
  • November - Military abbreviation for -01
  • N - short form of 'November'

IANA/Olson: Reflects -01 time zone boundaries defined by political bodies, primarily intended for use with computer programs and operating systems
  • America/Scoresbysund
  • Atlantic/Azores
  • Atlantic/Cape_Verde
  • Etc/GMT+1

Time zones with the GMT -1 offset:

  • EGT - East Greenland Time
  • AZOT - Azores Time
  • CVT - Cape Verde Time
  • N - November Time Zone
  • -01 -